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Scanning Services

Moving to a paperless office can be quite a challenge when you have accumulated years of paper documents. Our “Backlog scanning” services will help you catch up by scanning and organizing your documents in your office.

DPS provides a full range of scanning services for all sizes of documents:

  • Accounting Documents
  • Medical Documents
  • Any Paper Records
  • Engineering and Architectural Drawings
  • Microfilm, Microfiche, and Aperture Cards
Large Format

These documents are typically larger than 11”x17” and include engineering and architectural drawings. Full color, grayscale or black and white images can be scanned. Images can be up to 54 inches wide on media up to 56 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. Images and media can be of any length, as the scanner is continuous feed.

Input Media


Small Format

These documents are typically letter (8.5”x11”) and legal (8.5”x14”) paper and either simplex (printed on one side of the paper) or duplex (printed on both sides of the paper). DPS scans documents from A8 (2.1”x2.9”) to A3 (11.7”x17.0”) and black and white, grayscale and color scans are available. Document preparation includes removing staples, stick-notes, etc. and may be done by DPS or the client.


Data Types

O & M Manuals
Bills of Materials
Many Others

Microfiche, Microfilm, Aperture Card


Microfiche Microfilm Aperture Card


Com, Step & Repeat and Jacketed Microfiche produced at various reductions are scanned. Roll Microfilm is scanned either with or without cartridges.

35 mm film Aperture Cards are scanned and holerith code data is read naming files.





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