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Seismic Data Scanning
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At DPS, our representative client list speaks volumes as to our quality, expertise, and service in the area of seismic data scanning. From some of the largest oil companies in the world to small regional drillers, our clients have entrusted us for years with their most sensitive data and have grown to expect in return the best possible quality of product and personal attention to detail.

Some Examples of Seismic Data
  • Seismic Sections
  • Line Maps
  • Area Maps
  • Well Logs
  • Support Data
  • Observer's Reports
  • Operator's Reports
  • Survey Data

Like most of our clients, you have state of the art new data and seismic technology. Additionally, you likely have an abundance of older data on paper (mylar, etc.) which was created before newer technology had been developed.


Our Seismic Data Scanning team at DPS utilizes state of the art scanning hardware and software while incorporating the best possible quality control process. This allows us to convert your paper (mylar, etc.) data into clear digital form for easy accessibility on your PC or network.

At DPS, scanning is our business and we have solutions for jobs of all sizes. We scan wide format documents with images up to 54 inches wide on media up to 56 inches wide and any length. We scan small format documents that are 12” x 18” or smaller, typically letter / legal. We are also proficient in scanning microfilm and microfiche.


Images can be scanned in black & white (2 colors, bitonal), grayscale or color. PDF and TIF are the most common formats. JPG and other formats are available.


Scanning Related Services

Our creative team at DPS can offer a variety of solutions depending on your needs.


Created to your specifications and industry standards.


We will scan your seismic data to high-quality raster images in TIF format and then convert them to high-quality SEG-Y files in SGY format. Location coordinates as well as seismic line numbers are used to index the files. Both TIF and SGY files will be stored (on line or near line) for viewing via the Internet.


One Seismic Line in One PDF
Seismic support data such as Observerís Reports and Maps may include letter/legal and wide format documents on paper, mylar and microfiche. We have a variety of scanning equipment and can scan all the seismic support data for one seismic line and put that in one PDF. Also, these PDFs are indexed to TIF and SGY files and are available for viewing via the Internet.


Document Destruction
After your documents have been scanned and you have received and approved the digital images, you may provide written authorization to DPS to have your documents destroyed. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction showing what was destroyed and when.


From Scanning to Viewing
We can provide everything you need to complete your scanning project.


Why Use DPS

We are a scanning company, in business since 1991. We know what seismic data is and how to scan it.


We work with you to understand your requirements and plan the project. Our quality control and quality assurance procedures are excellent.


Our staff is dedicated to scanning and can operate 24/7. We can accurately estimate project durations and allocate people and equipment to meet your objectives.


Data Security
Our drivers pick up your data and move it to our controlled-access facility. We have documented procedures and our people are trained in Data Security and have signed Confidentiality Agreements.


Nationwide Service
We cover the 48 contiguous United States. All data is moved in our trucks with our drivers and we provide full access to all data in our possession at all times. If you need a document while it is in our possession, we will scan it and email or FTP it to you.


When you start a scanning project in-house, you are really starting a business. You must plan the project, select or hire personnel, evaluate and select hardware and software, find a facility, train personnel and perform many other tasks. When the project is over, you have people, plant and equipment with no scanning to do. We think DPS is a cost-effective alternative.


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